In this section, I shall be posting events and happenings that I come across in my travels.

These events and stories shall be true and random. I really hope you like them!!

Natures Canvas

What do some people do when they find a scene in Nature that they simply must use as a "Canvas"?

This was the scene of mass tree felling in the storm of Winter just past. The trees had to be cut back to allow traffic to pass.

Is this just another simple roadside…?

01 Wide

However, if you look a little closer, someone decided that they felt the need to apply a little art to this otherwise random string of roughly sawn tree stumps...

02 Closer

Hers it is in all it's little glory!!

03 Close up

A very cool piece of wood art created from the site of destruction that destroyed many many trees at the time.

Just goes to show, all you need is a piece of Nature and a little imagination, and you can do anything you want!

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